Hey all, 

I’ve hit a bit of a block on my fic of one shots about the women in Auggie’s life. 

I’ve done: 

  • Hayley
  • Marlo (the judo instructor)
  • Helen 
  • Liza
  • Joan
  • Suzanne (the therapist)
  • Parker

I still have to do:

  • Annie
  • Natasha

But I want to save their chapters for later- I’m still ruminating on what i want to say about them. Help?

Do you want to ‘do’ only te big ones? Because there are still some you can tackle:

- girl in S1 who ‘couldn’t remember the last book she read’ so Auggie ditched her to be Annie’s shoulder to cry on when she needed it;

- girl in S2 who never appeared on screen (the “walk of shame”).

- girl in pilot, studying to be a lawyer;

- girl at bar in S3, the one that caused the fight at the bar after Parker left him;

- Millie, part of the tech team;

- his landlord who ‘keeps tabs on him’

- Danielle! I, for one, would LOVE to see a fic where they interact (tho part of Annie’s life more, but still counts, given that they shared some scenes);

- Franka (how I miss Franka!)

Hm. These are all I can think of.